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The aim of teaching the undergraduate student in Psychiatry is to impart such knowledge and skills that may enable him to diagnose and treat common psychiatric illnesses. He/she shall acquire competence for clinical diagnosis based on history, physical examination and relevant laboratory investigations and institute appropriate line of management. He/she should also be able to recognize the behavioural manifestations of systemic illnesses.


THERAPEUTIC: An intern must perform or assist in:

a) Diagnose and manage common psychiatric disorders,

b) Identify and manage psychological reactions,

c) Diagnose and manage behavioural disorders in medical and surgical patients.


An intern must have observed or preferably assisted at the following operations/ procedures:

a) ECT administration,

b) Therapeutic counseling and follow-up

No Name Designation Contact
1 Dr. Pragna Sorani Professor 
2   Associate Professor  
3 Dr. Dip Bhadja Assistant Professor 
4   Assistant Professor  
5   Tutor  
6   Tutor  
7   Tutor  
8   Tutor