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Departments of anatomy, being the first department to receive the fresh students, it is equipped with young enthusiastic staff, who are not only academically excellent but also are compassionate, dedicated, students friendly and encouraging for the innovative ideas. The department’s activities are coordinated with other pre-clinical and clinical departments and the faculty is actively involved in teaching anatomical subjects to medical undergraduate and graduate students and other students in the health disciplines. Anatomy is science refer to study of development and macro/micro structure of the human body. comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy lay foundation of Medical science and prepares the medical graduate with precise idea of position, shape, size, relations, structure, and function of all the structures present in the body. The anatomy subject includes Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Histology, Radiography and Genetics and taught during first phase of MBBS curriculum.



To impart comprehensive clinically oriented integrated training in Anatomy subject to medical undergraduate students for understanding of anatomical basis of disease presentation.



To provide State of art teaching/learning facilities in anatomy by way of lectures/audio-visuals and practical sessions associated with new technologies for imparting knowledge of gross, microscopic and development of human body and advancing their skills in various branches of medical/clinical knowledge.



The Department has been provided with facilities of

  • Museum having different sections like Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Osteology, radiology, cytogenetic, charts and models,
  • Audiovisual teaching facilities e.g. OHP, LCD and CCTV,
  • Histology Lab with facilities of immunohistochemistry and plan to upgrade the lab for users includes cryostats, microtomes and staining facilities. The Histology is being developed for catering paraffin processing, Staining slides, Micro dissection, Services,
  • Embalming services for Donated Body, Research Lab, Department library, Dissection Hall, Demonstration Rooms,
  • Voluntary Body Donation Service: The Department has prepared strategic plan to create awareness amongst the community, old Age home, in and around the college campus about voluntary body donation for teaching and research purposes.


Sub-sections in the Department

Gross Anatomy,





Teaching staff is rotated in these sections - up to level: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Demonstrators


No Name Designation Contact
1 Dr. Sanjay Vikani Professor 
2  Dr. Govinddas Akbari Associate Professor 
3  Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj Assistant Professor 
4  Dr. Jalpa Dabhi Assistant Professor 
5   Tutor  
6   Tutor  
7   Tutor  
8   Tutor